Acute Severe Pain Management Following Road Traffic Accident

There is no forecast against accident as it may occur anytime in our life. Sudden severe hurt through an accident results unbearable pain after few moment. If we take necessary actions to relief the pain in time it’ll save going danger situation of the victim. It may also lead to neck pain, abdominal pain or back pain including sacral region being with multiple fractures all over the body.

Once faced a road traffic accident after saving from five hijackers at an isolated road in a town. I was thrown to road from a running microbus and I was severely injured at that moment. A few time later an ambulance save bringing me in a medical college hospital. Emergency medical officer took the following actions:
1. Secured my injured area
2. Antiseptic (Povidine iodine) wash given
3. Inj. TT and Inj. TIG given stat i/m
4. Antibiotic- Flucloxacillin given orally
5. Painkiller- Ketorolac given associated with anti ulcer drugs
6. Vitamin-C was added in the prescription
7. Head Injury should be excluded by CT scan or MRI of brain and skull bone

After 2/3 days I felt no pain and I continued the drugs up to 7 days. But sometimes RTA presents with so many complications like fractures of bones and crush injury of underlying muscle or features of internal bleeding. Handling of these complicated cases should take carefully and efficiently. Septic dressing, careful monitoring and proper treatment can save the severely injured patient after a road traffic accident.
In the very beginning inj. TT, TIG, Pain Killer and antiulcer drug is given which will increase the life expectancy from the starting.

Follow up management after resuscitation of a highly injured accidental patient
1. Regular dressing of the injured area
2. Regular taking of antibiotics
3. Taking of anti inflammatory drugs
4. Restricted movement of early days play an important role in healing
5. Avoid protein deficiency
6. Taking of anti oxidant vitamins

Maintaining all the things carefully you can be saved from the upcoming danger like septicemia or multi organ dysfunction.


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