Muscle Cramping Pain and Easy Solution

Reduce Muscle Cramping Via Exercise

Lean muscle cramps affect all people, because every man or woman has muscles. If you use your muscle mass, or if you don’t use your muscle mass, they will cramp along with spasm. I am generally experts in muscular tissues. As a Chiropractor who focuses on trigger points, I work on cramped, spasmed, inflamed and pulled muscles each day.

I mention all of these characteristics together because they all occur with each other. In my personalized experience, a muscle cramp is due to a minor or maybe microscopic tearing (or pulls) involving any muscle soluble fiber. Recent evidence is usually backing this paying attention up.

Whenever the muscle is cramping, there will end up being inflammation and spasm present caused by a (usually microscopic) tearing in your muscle fiber. Some of the ways are you affected after you pull, tweak, distort, or strain the muscle. It had been thought that whenever a muscle cramps, for the reason that one's body is dehydrated and also the muscles are not necessarily getting enough electrolytes. This really is false. As the body becomes far more dehydrated through perspiring, it is shedding water considerably quicker than its losing electrolytes. Electrolytes become more concentrated within you the more water your entire body looses.

Finger Pain Using Cell Phones

Application of fingers are increasing day by day with the current economic time, using modern devices like Smart phones, Tablets, iPods, etc have gotten part and parcel of each and every person's life. But along with it comes the negative effects. Thanks to our constant keying in and crunching upward our fingers to e-mail, text message, play game titles, etc, general digit discomfort will be increasing. Since we try this activity on the extremely regular basis, chances of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) is very high. It could range originating from mild tendonitis to continual problems like Trigger Kids finger or the Carpal Canal Syndrome.

Trigger finger can be a swelling of the tendons or tendon sheath inside palm from the hand in the tendons that bend the arms. This swelling prevents this tendon from gliding smoothly using the sheath and the "pulley" (ligament) which usually holds the tendon in the direction of bone.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs in the event the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm inside hand, becomes pressed or squeezed within the wrist. The median nerve controls sensations towards palm side from the thumbs and fingers (although not the little finger), as well as impulses into a small muscles in this hand that encourage this fingers and thumb to go. The carpal tunnel: a narrow, rigid passageway of ligament and bones within the base of the hands - houses the median nerve and in addition tendons. Sometimes, thickening from irritated tendons or other swelling narrows this canal and causes the median nerve to get compressed. The result may turn out to be pain, weakness, or numbness inside of hand and wrist, radiating in the arm.

Knee pain releasing tips

Utilizing today's on-the-go thinking, it is no consider why knee pain could be the most prevalent musculoskeletal complaint people have whenever they visit their health practitioner. With respect towards injury or ailment, some knee pain can be excruciating. That's why many individuals seek knee pain treatment. Knee pain relief will vary from one person to another. Maybe some purely ought to rest the leg to obtain knee pain relief, while some may well only find leg alleviation after oral surgical procedures.

Knee Remedy pertaining to Severe Knee Injury

There are many sorts of injuries that cause extreme knee soreness. If you may be an athlete, that you are likely familiar using knee pain resulting from torn ligaments, cartilage, or even muscles. The more active you might be, the more likely you might be to experience knee pain coming from a sport-related injury. For your torn ligament, meniscal accidental injuries, or totally ruptured tendons, doctors will normally recommend surgery so that you can receive permanent leg alleviation.

Knee Remedy intended for Leg Osteoarthritis

To receive leg alleviation from leg osteoarthritis (degeneration on the cartilage), exercise is important. Doctors will recommend particular exercises and stretches that could greatly increase flexibility on the muscles that support the actual knee. These exercises will reduce stress from the sensitive knee shared. For instant leg alleviation, some folks may acquire over-the-counter prescription medication, such while Advil or maybe Tylenol, to assistance with osteoarthritis pain.

Different Types Of Headaches One Can Experience

Several people have already been known to experience several types of headaches at different times in their life so you will need to get the correct diagnosis by keeping a journal about the event and time that these headaches came about. Tension headache are widely shown to come from too much anxiety and stress as part of your lifetime so make certain and invest your journal any related stress or anxiety and panic attacks and try and minimize your current stress levels. Sometimes headaches are usually separated into vascular, muscles contraction (tension), traction drive, and inflammatory types of headaches.

Check out the list below of the very common types of headaches:

Severe headaches: The problem today is headaches have grown to be so common to a lot of they are just an integral part of everyday life. Headaches take place very regularly, usually at the same time each day, and they frequently keep a person up through the night. They can sometimes affect young children and even babies, causing these for being cranky and fussy. Various headaches might be caused by having large body pressure, which causes pressure for the blood vessels and circulatory system through the body.

Tension headaches: Many refer to these since chronic daily headaches and are the most prevalent type of headaches among people and adolescents. These muscle contraction headaches produce mild pain and come and check out a prolonged time frame.

Migraines: Doctors are still unsure of the causes of migraines, although they are linked to blood vessel contractions together with changes in the brain in addition to inherited abnormalities in certain areas of the brain. Migraine pain is moderate to severe and will last from 4 hours to assist 3 days and usually happen 1 to 4 times a month. Migraines are associated with symptoms as an example light sensitivity, noise, nausea or possibly vomiting and upset stomach or possibly abdominal pain. They usually are vascular throughout origin, and may be preceded by aesthetic disturbances, loss of peripheral point of view, and fatigue plus they may be provoked by changes as part of your current environment, such seeing that menstruation, emotive stress, considerable weather changes, lack connected with sleep., or even the opposite-too very much rest (vacation migraine).

Overview Of Finger Joint Pain

At any age finger joint pain may develop and this is because of many causes, mainly infection, trauma and other is rheumatoid factors. Joints become swelled and stiffness is developed and relieved by warm bath or various types of medication.

Even while we age, the more it's for people like us to make some more effort in attending to ourselves physically so that any of us could still enjoy our lives approximately we enjoyed it while we're still in our youth. While most people await a personal injury or disease to strike them using a wake up call, since the particular old saying will go, prevention provides improvement in excess of cure. Aging can definitely be accompanied while using the deterioration of our important joints. We sure don't need this deterioration process in the future by full swing mainly because as said earlier, it could possibly potentially suck the life beyond us by limiting each of our movements. Thankfully, there are supplements out there which were great joint support and assist in preventing the deterioration of our own joint parts.

One joint support that will be able to keep us moving as being a young person is Glucosamine Chondoitrine. The supplement comes accessible as sulfate salt which is much more preferable because it's more readily absorbed systems. It works giving more support round the joints by lubricating and also protecting it. However, not the many Glucosamine Chondoitrine is absorbed systems. The 90 percent of it is actually excreted from the body since the 10 goes to different limbs like the liver as well as the particular kidney. That's why it truly is useful to take at the very least 1, 500mg involving Glucosamine using 1, 200mg of Chondoitrine 3 times a day every day.

Chest Pain Due To Anxiety And Acid Reflux

All of we are conscious about the chest pain without knowing the actual causes. Sometimes acid reflux causes severe chest burn which may be relieved by anti-acid medication instantly. Anxiety is the common causes of chest pain in our locality.

Common Chest Pain Signals

Feelings of pain or pressure from the chest area could signal problems as simple as indigestion as well as serious as cardiovascular system assault. Pay attention to those signs, and call your doctor's office in case you are unsure of what the actual indicators mean.

Heart Pains

A heart attack might cause chest discomfort, such as being a sense of heaviness, using, crushing, squeezing; chest discomfort; or pressure in the middle of the chest area. Sometimes pain spreads on the jaw, arms, neck, or rear. A heart attack is often combined with sweating, shortness regarding breath, anxiousness, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and furthermore an irregular rapid heart.

Angina is really much the same type of pressure or pain in the heart, but it comes and also goes. Angina is a caution signal which a heart isn't having the oxygen it needs. Resting or taking approved drugs usually relieves this kind of pain.

Pain from a heart attack, on the other side, doesn't go apart so easily. It usually lasts longer and it's much worse. Rest in addition to drugs doesn’t completely alleviate the pain. Sometimes the actual pain will convenience, ; however , come back later in. The risk factors for any heart attack will incorporate a family history of first center disease, diabetes, or maybe hypertension.

Hidden Tips Of Sciatic Pain Relief

What is Sciatica?

In a word pain due to sciatic nerve dysfunction is called sciatica. Most of us describe this kind of pain as "pain running on account of the back of your legs". Usually it is similar to a burning or tingling through the buttocks, but the pain does "travel" completely to the toes. The pain does increase whenever you sit down and sometimes you can easily experience lower back discomfort also.

Actually, sciatic nerve pain isn't just a condition - It is just a symptom of a condition. To find out why you've gotten sciatic pain you need to learn the underlying condition.

You should find that getting sciatic pain alleviation means treatment on the herniated disc. It can also really do the sign for spinal stenosis, Piriformis syndrome or spondylolisthesis. I realize, these include big words and phrases, but it's important to know that treating this discomfort will not eliminate the reason for it.

What Causes Sciatic Pain

The root cause on most of this symptom is - Lean muscle Imbalances. A muscle imbalance happens when you have over-developed and tight muscles in one area of your entire body, as the opposing muscle groups are weaker and extended in their normal position. Treatment, back massages and in many cases exercise and stretches won't bring you sciatic pain alleviation! The only method to genuinely solve this is going back the muscle balance back again.

Natural Joint Pain Relief

Joint pain is the common discomfort on human body in most of the countries of the world. The old aged people are mainly involved in joint arthritis. Overweight is the principal factor of this pain. We just try to discuss about the common information regarding this topic for the benefits of the general people.


Pain will be the body's natural defense against condition and injury. It serves since the indication that something is wrong from the body processes. Pains connected with arthritis include severe pain from inflammation around the joints, acute pain via broken joints, and aggravated pain due to chronic suffering from combined aches. Pain is brought on by the actual gradual breakdown of cartilage, the actual soft material that cushions the exact joints. Pain relief creams tend to be consumed by athletes, larger ladies, as well as older people. While there are a lot of causes and diseases which may contribute to joint discomfort, the most typical are generally osteoarthritis and sports incidents. Joint pain from osteoarthritis is usually treated by using over-the-counter and medications. With concerns rising inside the actual medical field recently about coronary disease dangers of several prescribed drugs, many people are searching for a safe alternative to take care of joint pain. There are many pain relieving techniques which can be often tried.


Cartilage will be the cushion between bones in a very joint and it offers support to other tissues without having to be as hard or rigorous since bone. Cartilage is in charge of protecting the joints and serves to be a shock absorber when pressure is positioned on the joint during strolling or running. Harm, occupation, weight, and genetics are on the list of actual factors which result in the cartilage of any joint to wear out. Osteoarthritis occurs because the actual protective, cushiony cartilage since the actual bones wears out, resulting with bones take off together. Rheumatoid Arthritis can bring about cartilage as well seeing that cuboid damage.

Headache And Treatments For Relief

Almost all of we are suffering from the headache regularly in our daily life, that can't be linked time for some other medical issue. These headaches are known as primary headaches and they comprise of tension headaches, migraine headaches as well as cluster headaches.

I've received lots of emails from clients, letting me recognize how my natural and organic Migraine along with throbbing headache Relief program has manual them relieve their tension and/or migraines - all without counting upon medicine. Recently, however, I've received lots involving emails from individuals experiencing chaos headaches and wanting to know if my program might help. In order to answer that may, let me first explain the unique variations of primary headaches, causes, symptoms as well as treatments available.

A tension headache is referred to as pain in the mind, free board and/or scalp. It could seem like a wedding ring squeezing the affected area. Over 80% of headache sufferers get into this category. Women are usually two times as likely endure tension problems the adult males. For most, the pain isn't unbearable and most can go through their own daily routines without interruption.

Triggers for tension headache comprise of: Lack of sleep, stress, depression, anxiety and negative posture. They last half an hour to some hours but can continue on for a week. They are often episodic headaches (lasting underneath 15 days per month) or it could be chronic (lasting over 15 days and nights per month). Most who suffer from these kinds of headache will not need treatments. Relief from this kind of headache is quite frequently achieved through relaxation exercises such as deep breathing exercises.

Migraine difficulties, however, are considered vascular. This is often a abnormal sensitivity of the arteries as well as blood flow into mental performance that can cause pain within the affected areas. This style of headache is the second most popular of the key hassles.

Back Pain In Relation To Kidney Pain

Most of the time physicians observe their patient complaining kidney pain as they feel pain over right or left sided upper or lower back pain. When you experience lower back soreness, it will not be considered a problem with the rear whatsoever. Problems with all the muscles inside the rear and the back are routine. Chiropractors have problems with no absence of patients. When you experience chronic pain inside lower back wherever certain organs they fit, you may wonder in the event the pain was in the back or someplace otherwise entirely.

Upper Back Pain or the Kidney Infection?

A Kidney infection usually happens suddenly. A person being affected by an infection will probably feel pain preceding the hips and sideways from the spine. The symptoms usually go with a tenderness that will get worse as the infection worsens. Pain of this type does not signify make fish an individual has the kidney infection. The pain could have resulted from problems for the organ, injury to the back or maybe a kidney stone. In the event the personal injury heals, the infection heals, as well because the kidney stone travels, the pain the individual experiences of through the years will disappear. The easiest strategy to tell if back pain results coming from a kidney problem or coming from a back injury should be pressed gently on the uncomfortable area. If your pain becomes more painful, it indicates the condition just isn't in the back.

Because kidney pain is often experienced as small of the back pain, it is a very good idea to do the test above as an early diagnostic device. Problems with the kidneys can spread to other areas of the body and cause soreness in not connected areas. When you complete a doctor's appointment to determine you probably have a kidney dilemma, he or she could ask you on the family history or you probably have a history of kidney issues. Children history of kidney problems causes it to become more likely that the sufferer will have problems with infections of through the years.

Some Home Therapies for Kidney Soreness

A doctor will recommend the very best method to convenience kidney pain, but there are several remedies a patient can attempt. Juniper Berries filter waste and will probably lower the blood pressure. Kelp and cayenne could replenish nutrients in which get depleted coming from a kidney infection. Raising Vitamins T, C and E can also help ease the pain linked to kidney infection.

Different Treatment Options for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Generally aged persons suffer from sciatic nerve pain from lower back to thigh and knee pain where the nerve distributed. According to the stages and duration the treatment options are different. The sciatic nerve is one of the longest nerves in human bodies. When the neuron of the supplying area gets irritated or agitated, a symptom called Sciatica takes place. Most patients say how a pain they feel is sharpened and tender. It runs from a lower back straight to the actual thighs, the back with the actual legs, and in some circumstances, it even reaches the foot. The soreness intensity ranges through minor to severe accompanied making use of aching and burning feelings.

Sciatica is the effect of plenty of factors. Sciatic nerve soreness happens inside following instances: herniated discs or discs which are ruptured thereby adding pressure towards nerve root, when a corner is narrowed called the spine stenois, spondylolisthesis wherein one vertebra diagonally slides rather than being in its correct place, a piriformis syndrome you do once the piriformis muscle mass keeps applying pressure towards sciatic nerve, and then by some sort of spinal trauma where there is certainly spinal damage that sparks the vertebrae to get out of line. In short, sciatic neural ache happens whenever the nerve obtains pressured or maybe gets compressed.

With regards to treatments, the most common medication is the employment of any non steroidal anti inflammatory substance or NSAIDS including ibuprofen. You may also use some heat remedies, cortisone injections and exercise therapy as well. All of these sciatic neural pain treatments are been shown to be effective but they simply offer temporary relief specially when the reason the pain isn't the one treated directly.

Reasons Behind Chronic Low Back Pain

Due to lake of knowledge most of we suffer from chronic low back pain. Soft bed, non-supported sitting posture and poor work out plan are responsible for this lower backache. Eighty percent of the population of USA, at some point in their own life, is going to add back pain. Most of this time period that pain is centered inside the lower back and non-specific, meaning there's no primary cause found. About 2% to 10% of folks that experience low back ache develop chronic low back pain, which affects day to day living for at least 3-4 months.

What Causes Degenerative Compact disks and Herniated Discs

Supporting all that upper body weight will be the actual spine, which comprises in excess of 40 small bones called vertebrae stacked one over the other. A spongy section of cartilage, called a disc, rests between each vertebra. It acts as being a shock absorber, preventing your bony vertebrae from farming against another.

With get older, these cushioning backbone steadily wear away and shrink, a condition known because degenerative disk disease. Discs could also dissect or become damaged. Sometimes the weakening of any disc can put strain upon its jelly-like center.

"You hit a bump inside the road, and then all associated with extreme that tire goes pop,” he states that. In the case of your back, that pressure might cause a herniated disc (also referred to as a "slipped disc" as well as "ruptured disc"), that the biggest market of the disc bulges.

Sometimes that bulging causes the material from inside the disc to press within the actual sensitive nerves that carry messages for the brain. The result would be the type of excruciating ache Laird has knowledgeable. "If we move wrong, my associate and I get what exactly I call any 'sonic boom’ - this particular shot of electricity by way of my pelvic location, inch she says.

A Short Guide to Low Back Pain

The maximum population among computer users bear low back pain only for lake of sitting knowledge during working with desktop or laptop. Besides women of villagers also suffer from this lower back ache for their physical activities in undefined ways. In this article we just try to explore a little knowledge about this topic.

What's Low Back Pain?

Low back pain is usually a universal human experience - just about everyone has it eventually. The reduced back, which starts below the rib-cage, is referred to as the lumbar region. Pain here can be intense and is among the top causes of missed do the job. Fortunately, low back pain often gets better on its own. When it doesn't, at this time there work treatments.

Symptoms involving Low Back Pain

Symptoms range between a dull ache that has a stabbing or shooting sensation. The pain will make it hard to move or preserver straight. Acute returning pain happens suddenly, frequently after injuries through sports or heavy education. Pain that lasts more than 11 weeks is considered chronic. If your pain just isn't better within 72 several hours, you should consult a doctor.

Symptoms That Require Urgent Care

Severe back pain after which has a fall or injury should be approved by a health care competent. Other warning signs include a loss of bowel or bladder control, calf a weakness, fever, and pain as soon as coughing or urinating. For those who have such symptoms along with your back pain, contact your doctor.

Lean Muscle Strain or Sciatica?

The sort of returning pain that follows heavy lifting or exercising too difficult is often caused by lean muscles strain. But sometimes back pain could possibly be related to a disc through which bulges or ruptures. In case a bulging or ruptured disc presses within the sciatic nerve, pain may run through the buttock down one knee. That is called sciatica.

Lower Back Pain - Just what Raises Your Risk

Once we developed a chronic disease it may sometimes increases it's intensity with some activities or posture. A risk factor is something increases your chances involving possessing back pain. Having more risk factors means one does have a higher prospects for having lower back pain.

Risk factors that you simply can't change
These consist of:

  1. Being middle-aged or probably older.
  2. Being male.
  3. Creating a household history of again pain.
  4. Possessing had a back injury prior to.
  5. Being pregnant. A woman's back is significantly stressed by carrying a child.
  6. Having had compression fractures on the spine.
  7. Having had again surgery before.
  8. Having spinal column problems since birth.

Risk factors you can adjust with lifestyle adjustments
These contain:

  1. Not getting routine workouts.
  2. Performing a job or other activity that could need long periods involving sitting, weighty lifting, twisting or twisting, recurring exercises, or constant vibration, including by using a jackhammer or driving certain sorts of heavy equipment.
  3. Smoking. Those who smoke are definitely more probable than people who don't smoke to own low back pain.
  4. Obesity. Excess body weight, especially throughout the waist, may put strain with all your back, although this has not yet shown. But being overweight usually includes being in poor well being, with weaker muscles and also fewer flexibility. These can result in lower back pain.
  5. Obtaining weak posture. Slumping or slouching alone might not exactly cause low rear agony. But after the back may be strained or injured, bad posture might make pain worse.
  6. Being forced. Stress and other emotional factors are shown to play a major position throughout low back agony, particularly continual low again pain. Many people unconsciously tense up their back muscles whenever they are under stress.

Pain during menstrual period – Any solution

Most of the time girls live with fear for the monthly pain of menstrual period. After puberty all ladies except pregnant women are fallen in a hormonal cycle which takes normally 28 days where ovulation takes place in the middle of the cycle and discharge of fragmented ovum, destroyed blood vessels being with blackish blood are occurred normally in the last 3-5 days of the periodic cycle by the influence of LH, FSH, GnRH, Estrogen, and Progesterone. This endocrinal cycle is called menstrual cycle.

But this periodic cycle is not regular for all the ladies specially in south Asian region. Some feel pain during menstruation. The pain has many varieties with duration and intensity.

Why this menstrual pain happens?

During menstrual period the uterus undergoes sollowen and tortuous due to highly vascular properties of this organ for various hormonal discharges. But when menstruation occur uterus tends to shrink and expel the newly formed blood vessels which leads to severe pain during the periodic change.

What should we do during severe menstrual pain?

Acute Severe Pain Management Following Road Traffic Accident

There is no forecast against accident as it may occur anytime in our life. Sudden severe hurt through an accident results unbearable pain after few moment. If we take necessary actions to relief the pain in time it’ll save going danger situation of the victim. It may also lead to neck pain, abdominal pain or back pain including sacral region being with multiple fractures all over the body.

Once faced a road traffic accident after saving from five hijackers at an isolated road in a town. I was thrown to road from a running microbus and I was severely injured at that moment. A few time later an ambulance save bringing me in a medical college hospital. Emergency medical officer took the following actions:
1. Secured my injured area
2. Antiseptic (Povidine iodine) wash given
3. Inj. TT and Inj. TIG given stat i/m
4. Antibiotic- Flucloxacillin given orally
5. Painkiller- Ketorolac given associated with anti ulcer drugs
6. Vitamin-C was added in the prescription
7. Head Injury should be excluded by CT scan or MRI of brain and skull bone

After 2/3 days I felt no pain and I continued the drugs up to 7 days. But sometimes RTA presents with so many complications like fractures of bones and crush injury of underlying muscle or features of internal bleeding. Handling of these complicated cases should take carefully and efficiently. Septic dressing, careful monitoring and proper treatment can save the severely injured patient after a road traffic accident.
In the very beginning inj. TT, TIG, Pain Killer and antiulcer drug is given which will increase the life expectancy from the starting.

Follow up management after resuscitation of a highly injured accidental patient
1. Regular dressing of the injured area
2. Regular taking of antibiotics
3. Taking of anti inflammatory drugs
4. Restricted movement of early days play an important role in healing
5. Avoid protein deficiency
6. Taking of anti oxidant vitamins

Maintaining all the things carefully you can be saved from the upcoming danger like septicemia or multi organ dysfunction.

Pain in mind cannot be hide

This is a spiritual term, the ‘mind pain’. Till men cannot discover the existence of mind but we are discussing about its pain. Actually it is the bad feelings of oneself of his own created by his close one or some act where he is disappointed. I am using here ‘HE’ but it might be ‘SHE’ also. Anyway, here I am sharing some examples of these types of ache or discomfort with my valuable readers. I’ll also discuss about the things to do in this situation.

Mind pain created by close relatives

Actually to whom you hold in your mind, if you get any hurt from him or her you will be shocked and pass a tremendous painful situation. Control of emotion will be very tough when close relatives like father, mother, wife, elder brother, sister, boy friend, girlfriend and above all friends give us pain by their word or work.

What should do?
1. Try to forget
2. Engaged in another work
3. Listen favorite music
4. Never be alone
5. Read story or religious books

Mind pain due to depriving from desire goal

Very often we desire for something special which we like or we need; but if we are deprived from that things we feel pain in mind. It’s a different type of pain. “The wearer best knows where the shoe pinches.” None can realize the actual situation, so the pain should be absorbed in mind alone.

What to do?
1. Religious belief can free you- ‘What is lotted cannot be blotted.’
2. Prepare yourself best for the next
3. Try to be mindful in another subject
4. You can share with your close person about the matter
5. Think something better is waiting for you

In a nutshell, time maintains everything. So, somehow, if you just can pass the time everything will be ok. This is why, utilize the time that will never come back again.

Heart breaking pain – instant relief

Today I am going to publish an extra ordinary article regarding ‘heart breaking pain’ and its psychological after effects though we have already discussed about chest pain. Many of these article readers are curious seeing the title and the madness of the author. But really in early stage of life the experience of broken heart may leads to fall in a dark life where men only suffer. And it’s very common for teenagers to fall in love with other guys. Moreover the breaking relationships are also very common in this decay of life. Rather young adults who fall in relation with others are harder minded, as because negative result may not emphasis any harmful result. But its true teen or young everyone feels the missing or losing pain.

Why this pain happens

Generally couple are attached with each other mentally and spiritually; but when one end weaken the other end try to hold the bond, the relation and finally when it’s impossible to hold the relationship, it gives an unbearable pain where one may destroy from his or her life. The psychological sickness is more dangerous than the physical sickness.

What should do after a breaking relationship

1. Should take it easy
2. Continue regular activities
3. Never be emotional
4. Avoid lose talking
5. Share with very close one
6. Travels to different part of the world
7. Busy with more work or another work

Shortcut technique of sudden severe wisdom tooth pain relief

There is nobody in this earth who has ever felt the wisdom tooth pain at least once in life. I myself am the best example regarding these teeth ache. Relief will be very necessary when gum agony started. In the last September, when I was in training far away from my district in Dhaka, I was arrested by upper right sided wisdom tooth ache at last night. I was afraid to do anything because of the fair of painkiller. Actually pain killer generally harms kidney.

Suddenly I just think to call phone operator ‘Health Line’ and they advised me to gurgle with warm saline water for 10 minutes. I did that but found no solutions. At last I took a pain killer, ‘Ketorolac’ preparation. Wow! After half an hour I felt totally relief of pain.

On the next very morning I found myself throat pain, chest burning and upper abdominal pain while eating something even when drinking water. Really I was astonished and as soon as I went to a doctor nearby clinic. After hearing the previous night history and on spot examination doctor told me that GERD (Gastro-esophageal reflux disease) developed due to side effects of the pain killer which I took last night for wisdom tooth ache relief with no advice.

Sudden upper abdominal pain at midnight – things to do

With my dearest wife and heartiest 5 years baby I went to KFC last afternoon near my city. Chicken fries always the attractive items for eating. We ate chicken fry, French fries, crusher and a big Pizza with cold drinks coke. Then we went for shopping where kids are safe. After shopping we went back to house. Before sleep I drunk a glass of cucumber juice. My wife and daughter ate nothing before sleep.

It was 1.30 am and I was writing an article regarding upper back pain for my website ‘Pain Management Aid’ on the very day. All on a sudden my wife started to shout for pain on her upper abdomen. I was in my study room and presented to her in a moment. She felt huge discomfort and was shouting for getting relief from distended abdominal pain. She was lucky that I was with her. I just examine her lower trunk and found that the upper abdomen was rigid and distended with no sign of Mc Burney’s point tenderness or ovarian cyst tenderness.

Initially I gave her to take 3 tsf ‘Enatacid Plus’ syrup and waiting for observation. She felt a little comfort and went for sleep again. I also went to bed at that time. But after a couple of hours she again started to shout for upper and mid abdominal pain associated with back pain and neck pain. I got frightened and call for ambulance and brought her to the nearest hospital in emergency department.