Sudden upper abdominal pain at midnight – things to do

With my dearest wife and heartiest 5 years baby I went to KFC last afternoon near my city. Chicken fries always the attractive items for eating. We ate chicken fry, French fries, crusher and a big Pizza with cold drinks coke. Then we went for shopping where kids are safe. After shopping we went back to house. Before sleep I drunk a glass of cucumber juice. My wife and daughter ate nothing before sleep.

It was 1.30 am and I was writing an article regarding upper back pain for my website ‘Pain Management Aid’ on the very day. All on a sudden my wife started to shout for pain on her upper abdomen. I was in my study room and presented to her in a moment. She felt huge discomfort and was shouting for getting relief from distended abdominal pain. She was lucky that I was with her. I just examine her lower trunk and found that the upper abdomen was rigid and distended with no sign of Mc Burney’s point tenderness or ovarian cyst tenderness.

Initially I gave her to take 3 tsf ‘Enatacid Plus’ syrup and waiting for observation. She felt a little comfort and went for sleep again. I also went to bed at that time. But after a couple of hours she again started to shout for upper and mid abdominal pain associated with back pain and neck pain. I got frightened and call for ambulance and brought her to the nearest hospital in emergency department.

Doctor and nursing staff managed her with IV Omeprazole and Timonium being with IV infusion. After half an hour she felt comfort and we went back to home with a short prescription.

Things to do for sudden upper abdominal pain:

  1. Avoid fatty and crispy foods
  2. Nothing by oral during abdominal pain
  3. Liquid anti-ulcer drugs can be consider as soon as possible
  4. Contact with your family physician and go for the nearest hospital
  5. Regular follow up with a physician


  1. Because of recurrent abdominal pain person can not sleep properly or can't even sit properly. Its very painful situation to handle.

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