Sudden neck pain – what should do

Neck pain is an acute symptoms of underlying pathology of different causes that sudden developed. Human body is special types of miraculous system in creation. The most important organs of human beings are- brain, heart, lung, liver, kidney and so on. Brain is covered by hard skull bone and the spinal cord by the 33 vertebral bodies. The heart and lungs are covered by bony thoracic cases. Thus we observe that the creator protects our vital organs by harder protection. After a strong protection sometimes brain and meninges, the covering of brain is infected or inflamed and show symptoms. Neck pain and stiffness is one of the important symptoms of meningitis.

Causes of neck pain:

Muscle strains - the commonest cause
Nerve compression due to join pathology- disc compression, herniated disk, tearing of ligaments etc
Direct injury of neck
Spinal stenosis, Spondylosis,
Systemic disease like Rheumatoid Arthritis
Meningitis, retropharyngeal abscess, epiglottitis
Cancer or tumor
Carotid artery dissection
Referred pain of acute coronary syndrome
Prolonged asleep on sofas and chairs

What to do when neck pain:

In no doubt first go to a doctor
Doctor initially diagnosed clinically and find out the cause of neck pain
Some investigation may be suggested like – CT or MRI of brain and cervical spine, urgent CSF study, X-ray neck both view
If investigations and clinical examinations are suggested then admit to hospital and ask for proper management.

Management plan of neck pain:

Musculoskeletal causes are relieved by some exercises and muscle relaxant medicine
Meningitis is treated by high doses antibiotics or antiviral drugs
Cervical joint and nerve problems may need immobilization of neck being with proper medicine.
If any tumor or cancer you need to consult with Oncologist

Most of the time sudden neck pain caused by infection or muscle strains is totally removed by medication and exercises. But severe disease like cancer or tumor produce symptoms for prolong period.


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