Shortcut technique of sudden severe wisdom tooth pain relief

There is nobody in this earth who has ever felt the wisdom tooth pain at least once in life. I myself am the best example regarding these teeth ache. Relief will be very necessary when gum agony started. In the last September, when I was in training far away from my district in Dhaka, I was arrested by upper right sided wisdom tooth ache at last night. I was afraid to do anything because of the fair of painkiller. Actually pain killer generally harms kidney.

Suddenly I just think to call phone operator ‘Health Line’ and they advised me to gurgle with warm saline water for 10 minutes. I did that but found no solutions. At last I took a pain killer, ‘Ketorolac’ preparation. Wow! After half an hour I felt totally relief of pain.

On the next very morning I found myself throat pain, chest burning and upper abdominal pain while eating something even when drinking water. Really I was astonished and as soon as I went to a doctor nearby clinic. After hearing the previous night history and on spot examination doctor told me that GERD (Gastro-esophageal reflux disease) developed due to side effects of the pain killer which I took last night for wisdom tooth ache relief with no advice.

I asked the doctor, “Why is it developed?” He answered that there was huge acid secreted in response of analgesic drug and I was not taken any preventive measure. Doctor prescribed me with Cap. Esomepragole 20 mg and Tab. Domperidon 10 mg for 45 days advice. He also suggested me regarding shortcut technique of teeth pain relief as follows.

Wisdom tooth pain due to obstruction

Sometimes wisdom teeth create pain as harder gum covering obstructs them to grow up and as result severe pain developed. In this situation, as soon as you go to a dentist. He will advise you to make a simple surgery by perforating the harder gum cover to grow up easily the wisdom tooth. But you can take pain killer being with anti ulcer drugs at the very beginning before going to dentist.

Tooth ache due to infection

Mostly teeth pain due to infection over the root of the gum. In this case, an antibiotic may give good result. We must maintain oral hygiene to get the best result. But never forget to visit dentist be sometimes root canal or eruption of teeth may be necessary.

Teeth pain due to trauma

Often we may faced any accident or traumatic activities and achieve teeth ache. In this case good oral hygiene as well as mild dental surgery help us to relief from pain.


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