Heart breaking pain – instant relief

Today I am going to publish an extra ordinary article regarding ‘heart breaking pain’ and its psychological after effects though we have already discussed about chest pain. Many of these article readers are curious seeing the title and the madness of the author. But really in early stage of life the experience of broken heart may leads to fall in a dark life where men only suffer. And it’s very common for teenagers to fall in love with other guys. Moreover the breaking relationships are also very common in this decay of life. Rather young adults who fall in relation with others are harder minded, as because negative result may not emphasis any harmful result. But its true teen or young everyone feels the missing or losing pain.

Why this pain happens

Generally couple are attached with each other mentally and spiritually; but when one end weaken the other end try to hold the bond, the relation and finally when it’s impossible to hold the relationship, it gives an unbearable pain where one may destroy from his or her life. The psychological sickness is more dangerous than the physical sickness.

What should do after a breaking relationship

1. Should take it easy
2. Continue regular activities
3. Never be emotional
4. Avoid lose talking
5. Share with very close one
6. Travels to different part of the world
7. Busy with more work or another work

Instant relief of heart breaking pain

After a long period of uneasy life many men discover a simple and peaceful life with help of close person’s guideline. Religious practice may give this life; especially Islamic concept will give you instant result from being destroyed. So I always advice my family religious, trustworthy and familial becoming happy in life. These are secretes keys to be happy in life even after a great shock from dearest Romeo or Juliet.

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