Pain in mind cannot be hide

This is a spiritual term, the ‘mind pain’. Till men cannot discover the existence of mind but we are discussing about its pain. Actually it is the bad feelings of oneself of his own created by his close one or some act where he is disappointed. I am using here ‘HE’ but it might be ‘SHE’ also. Anyway, here I am sharing some examples of these types of ache or discomfort with my valuable readers. I’ll also discuss about the things to do in this situation.

Mind pain created by close relatives

Actually to whom you hold in your mind, if you get any hurt from him or her you will be shocked and pass a tremendous painful situation. Control of emotion will be very tough when close relatives like father, mother, wife, elder brother, sister, boy friend, girlfriend and above all friends give us pain by their word or work.

What should do?
1. Try to forget
2. Engaged in another work
3. Listen favorite music
4. Never be alone
5. Read story or religious books

Mind pain due to depriving from desire goal

Very often we desire for something special which we like or we need; but if we are deprived from that things we feel pain in mind. It’s a different type of pain. “The wearer best knows where the shoe pinches.” None can realize the actual situation, so the pain should be absorbed in mind alone.

What to do?
1. Religious belief can free you- ‘What is lotted cannot be blotted.’
2. Prepare yourself best for the next
3. Try to be mindful in another subject
4. You can share with your close person about the matter
5. Think something better is waiting for you

In a nutshell, time maintains everything. So, somehow, if you just can pass the time everything will be ok. This is why, utilize the time that will never come back again.

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